Friday, November 30, 2012

Merlin Season 5: The Last Season

BBC announced this week that season 5 will be the last season of Merlin. I'm sure going to miss this show! I'm sad it's coming to an end, but I am glad that there are at least 5 seasons to watch over and over again. 

I'm looking forward to seeing how it all ends through the next few episodes. It's going to be hard to wait! And then I might just have to go back and start Season 1 again. ;)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Les Miserables

I am getting so excited for Les Miserables to be released in theaters! Every trailer I see looks better and better. Not to mention this featurette which talks about how they sang live for every take, no pre recording! It looks incredible! I get chills every time I watch it.

 It opens December 25, 2012 in the US. I'm hoping to get to see it while I am at home visiting family for the holidays. My sister and I used to play and sing the songs growing up and I became obsessed with the 1998 version and the abridged book when I was 12, so I'm looking forward to seeing it with her. I'm reading the complete unabridged book now (yes, all 1463 pages of it!) but I don't think I will finish it before I see the movie. It's really good though! I'm enjoying it.
♥ Anna

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Willow Nest Photo Shoot

I have been super busy the past couple months, working on winter stuff for my shop and I was able to do a fun photo shoot with a friend while she was here with some of my items! (so much easier then taking pictures of things on myself!) We had a lot of fun going to the park, drinking Starbucks  and eating pumpkin bread. I think we need to live in the same town and make this a regular habit! ;)

I hope you're staying cozy!
♥ Anna


Although I continually talk about movie costumes on this blog, I am not a movie reviewer. Not all the films I discuss are recommended and I do not choose to review weather they are appropriate or not for the simple fact that every person's standards are different. Something that is fine for me may be offensive to some one else and visa versa. If you would like to look into the appropriateness of a title, I recommend I have not seen all the movies I discuss, and am simply interested in the art of clothes in film. I will leave you to decide for yourself if you will watch the movie or not.


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