Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mr. Darcy

I thought I'd share with you some costumes from one of my favorite films, Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen.
I completely fell in love with the costumes in this film and will go into greater detail on the gowns and such later.
First though, I shall start with Mr. Darcy.
In the beginning of the film we find him quite up tight an formal. Every button perfectly buttoned, hair in place and cravat just so.
As the film plays out and Mr. Darcy slowly warms to us, his costumes change to make him seem more relaxed and more human.
I love the thought put into this. One thing I love about the art of clothes in film is you are creating a feeling, sometimes more than historical accuracy. I love how creative and artistic you can get with that.

So, there you have my thoughts on Mr. Darcy. I could go into greater detail on the cut of his waistcoat, the fabrics, etc (which I adore) but I shall for now just share this with you. Maybe someday I will talk about all that. I hope one day to make some of his costumes. They're just so cool. :)


  1. mmm, yes, i loved how they expressed so much of his character changes throughout the film by use of the costumes. and if you ever really do want to make some of his costumes perhaps i'll hire you to make something for my husband. :) we are going to a jane austen ball next year and he'll be needing something to wear. although your life is about to get rather busy, such big changes and all... and for the record, i'd love to hear more about the cut of his waistcoat! i'm venturing into the world of men's historical dress now, always stuck to the ladies before hand.

  2. Hello,
    I found your blog a few months ago and have enjoyed reading your posts on the costumes you have sewn. I really like sewing costumes as well! I have recently made a regency gown using a pattern from Sense and Sensibility and altering it a little to look like the forest green gown Keira Knightly wears on the 2005 Pride and Prejudice.

    I was wondering if you were using a pattern for Elisabeth Swann's chemise. If not how did you know the dimensions to draw it out on graph paper? I like to try and make things without a pattern and I was wondering how you did it.


  3. I too would be interested in reading your thoughts on the cut of his waistcoat and so on, I'm also curious as to how much you think it wold cost to recreate this costume, or how I may be able to obtain it.

  4. I do wish Mr. Darcy would have gotten dressed before proposing. It drives me nuts that he didn't. I know, I know, the point is that he was up all night or something, but he isn't supposed to be like that! He's dignified, even a little stuck-up! But mostly dignified, by the end. Sorry, this is a private annoyance of mine. (-:



Although I continually talk about movie costumes on this blog, I am not a movie reviewer. Not all the films I discuss are recommended and I do not choose to review weather they are appropriate or not for the simple fact that every person's standards are different. Something that is fine for me may be offensive to some one else and visa versa. If you would like to look into the appropriateness of a title, I recommend I have not seen all the movies I discuss, and am simply interested in the art of clothes in film. I will leave you to decide for yourself if you will watch the movie or not.


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