Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Elizabeth Swann's Dotted Swiss Chemise Update

I've sewn bias tape unto the lace so it will not fray and be kept nice. I started tacking it to the sleeves but some how I ran short so there isn't enough...I might have to get creative.
Here are a couple pictures of the sleeves on the original chemise worn by Keira:

I just saw this picture where the drawstring is on the outside. I put mine on the inside. Oh well...little details I suppose. ;)
The chemise is almost done! I just need to finish tacking the lace on and sew casings into the waist for the drawstring. I'm going to try and finish it tonight. We shall see....I'll update soon. I'm on a bit of a sewing kick now. I'm impatient to start on the corset, I have the fabric all ready to be cut. :)

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