Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hello everyone!
I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know I haven't abandoned this blog...I am in the process of moving and so all my time is taken up packing boxes, cleaning rooms, painting at the new house, etc...etc....
We will be moved in next week and once I'm somewhat settled I will be back to posting!
In the meantime, how many of you have moved and do you have any moving advice? Even though we're nearly done I would love to store away any knowledge to make moving easier for the next time. Because I really don't like moving....am I alone in this? ;)
I hope your all enjoying March! I will be back to post in (hopefully) early April.
~Anna Kristine

PS I'm moving to a place where there is lots and lots of rain and mud. Do any of you live in this kind of climate? What do you like to do and wear to keep yourself from looking like a drowned rat? :)


  1. We are having lots and lots of rain right now. Spring in New England! :P

    I recommend a super stylish umbrella and some shoes that don't mind getting wet. I love high heels when there's puddles on the ground. ;)

    Or just stay inside. :)

    What state are you moving to, if you don't mind sharing?

  2. Hello Amanda!
    I live in Central Oregon at the moment which is very dry and I'm moving over to the valley now which is very wet. So I'm still within the same state but a very different climate! :)
    We are moving to a Bible camp that my parents are to be caretakers at so it's very "campy" thus the mud. ;) I'm thinking wellies will be in order most of the time around camp. But heels and umbrellas I will keep in mind for outings! :) But we do have a cozy wood stove so I might just stay inside most of the time! Thanks for your input! It's good to hear from you. ;)

  3. I live in the valley and would say wellies are a great idea and you can get them in many different cute patterns. I would also say to invest in some cute rain resistant jackets.

  4. Your request for "moving tips":
    Small is beautiful. Don't keep alot... my rule for me, but you may like to keep alot.

  5. Hey Anna Kristine! Your blog is wonderful-- you have such a knowledge of clothes and costumes! Wish I could do what you do:). And as for moving... I've moved six times and I really don't have any tips on how it gets better! I guess I've just gotten used to it:).
    God bless!
    P.S. i especially loved your Robin Hood costumes posts! I love Robin Hood!



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