Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things I hope to try...

With no sewing machine working it's been all about knitting lately. I really want to try to make a sweater this winter...but I'm a little intimidated by the thought. But I think I can maybe do it...
I also think it would be fun to try to make some socks. They intimidate me too.
I've been making fingerless gloves like mad. I got a little tired of them so I took a break last night and started on a Christmas present. But you can't see that until after Christmas. ;)
I'm getting excited about making things to wear this winter. Don't you just love warm things?


  1. I do love warm things!I've been thinking about carding alpaca and getting going om spinning,but I ahven't done it yet.
    I want to make a sweater,too,and a cable knit one,of all things.Knowing how to make socks would be sooo handy,too.
    It might be intimating,but just go for it!

  2. Oooh, I've never spun my own wool but I bet it would be so nice!
    I love cables and they really aren't that hard...I bet your sweater will be lovely!
    I need to just get over my hesitation and try it! :)

  3. Do you have any favorite pattern books I might try?
    And did you find anything really hard about those Bella Swan mittens? I want to try and make them this winter!

  4. Sarah, I don't have any favorite pattern books really, I get most of my patterns off ravelry.com. But I know there are many beautiful pattern books out there I'd love to try!
    The Bella mittens went pretty smoothly up until the palm, there is this cross stitch design that I found really challenging but there are other Bella Swan patterns that don't have this that I might try sometime. I absolutely love the pattern otherwise!

  5. You should totally try a sweater and socks! I was majorly intimidated as well but jumped in anyway with my sweater and it really wasn't so difficult. if anything it just takes longer cause it's a larger project. I'm trying to decide which cardigan I want to make I have like 20 patterns I'd like to try. :P
    I was even more intimdated by socks but my mom made some and said it really wasn't too hard so I went ahead and tried that too. It was lots of fun and I already have a pattern lined up for my next pair. :) So go for it Anna!
    oh and I adore that blue cardi! such a neat design.

  6. AnnaMae, I think I'm going to try this winter! I just need to get the yarn...and then like you, try to decide on a pattern! :)
    (maybe that's the hardest part)



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