Sunday, October 10, 2010

Robin Hood

I finally got to see the new Robin Hood the other night! As soon as it started I regretted not getting out my Medieval costume to work on because it was so inspiring. So I confess, I missed part of the movie while I went and gathered my sewing. ;)
The costumes were GORGEOUS. I feel like it's been ages since I've watched a costume film and this movie was like a breath of fresh air with all the beautiful Medieval costumes.
Cate Blanchett was wonderful as Maid Marion and her costumes were so beautiful.

Robin Hood's costumes were really awesome too....I may have to continue my Robin Hood costume studies after I finish the BBC costume studies. :)

Just look at Robin's sleeve....sooo amazing. :)
Are you inspired yet? :)


  1. AH!! I'm so inspired!! I want to see this SO bad! It looks awesome!
    xo Marguerite

  2. Oh yes, so beautiful! I love Maid Marian's costumes. Did I ask you if you liked the movie when we talked the other day? Did you like it? :)


  3. So Enchanted! It was one of the few movies we saw while in the states earlier this year! What amazing costumes.

    I sure have enjoyed your more regular posts! So fun to check in on your blog and find something new!

  4. I enjoyed this movie as well. LOVED the costumes! I tried to convince my hubby to dress up with me as robin hood and maid luck :( but I still want to make a medieval gown some day. Have you watched Tristan and Isolde? it has some lovely costumes as well if you're in the mood for more medieval loveliness.

  5. I wanted to let you know that you (and your fantastic costume studies) have been a great help to me as I have created my own versions of the BBC Robin Hood costumes for my children. My son's is as close to an exact replica of the Robin Hood wardrobe as I could manage. (The main exception is that I sort of integrated many of the features of the black leather hood from the vest into the hood of his jacket... because I really loved the decorative stitching on that black hood!) My daughter's Main Marian is more of an inspired by sort of thing. We even had professional photos taken- some are posted on my blog today if you'd care to visit:

    Thanks again... I couldn't have done it without your help. Seriously♥



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