Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I've been in the mood all week to make Regency clothes. I don't have time right now to take on a huge project...but I'm trying to dream up something small that I could make to satisfy me until I can make a dress or something.
What era are you in the mood for lately?


  1. I was actually in the era of trying to sort through the tangle of summer clothes I have just rescued from black plastic bags in my closet. It's that time of year again. BUT, having seen the two glimpses of P&P, I am in the mood for some regency too - *sigh* I wish I owned that movie, the costumes are so gorgeous....

  2. I'm in the mood for 50s dresses. I'm always in the mood for those. 60s dresses come a close second.

  3. I have been in the mood to make these adorable pillowcase dresses, really quick and really cute :D

    But regency is always my mood <3

  4. I'd love to make a Romantic era gown! except I can't sew..

  5. I agree with Miss Gwenea that a Romantic era dress is really what i am in the mood for



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