Thursday, October 20, 2011


My husband and I just found out we are moving across the country for a new job! So I have been going through all my stuff and did some major destashing on my patterns. I put tons in my shop for a limited time. I'm not taking them with me so they are only available until we leave! (next Thursday) So take advantage and grab any you want!


  1. I heard that Britton was interviewing and I'm glad to hear it went well! I hope the move goes well and that you enjoy South Carolina!

  2. Thanks Veronica! We're excited! And I know Britton is excited to live near Dan!



Although I continually talk about movie costumes on this blog, I am not a movie reviewer. Not all the films I discuss are recommended and I do not choose to review weather they are appropriate or not for the simple fact that every person's standards are different. Something that is fine for me may be offensive to some one else and visa versa. If you would like to look into the appropriateness of a title, I recommend I have not seen all the movies I discuss, and am simply interested in the art of clothes in film. I will leave you to decide for yourself if you will watch the movie or not.


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