Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Concept Art

I know we don't think of cartoons as having costumes in them that often but just as much thought has to go into the costumes of an animated character as a live action film. They just don't involve sewing. ;) 
Here are a few concept drawings for Disney's new movie, Brave. 

I love this green dress! Look at those sleeves! Reminds me a little bit of Susan Pevensie's dress from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

I'm so inspired right now. I need to work on my art more. Seriously. I need practice.


  1. Ah!!! So excited for brave. Haha this post is perfect, I hadn't seen this concept art. Thanks for posting such awesome costume inspiration, always look forward to your posts.

  2. It does look like Susan's Archery Dress! I need to work on my art, too! I practiced for a while, but I haven't done much lately...

  3. I hadn't considered the costume design that goes into cartoons until a friend asked me to make her daughter a copy of Rapunzel's gown from Tangled. It was a lot more intricate than I expected! But it was a fun challenge. Because there is no actual garment in a cartoon, I think it's easy for the artist to be a slightly inconsistent with the details - a trial for this detail-loving seamstress!

    I'm disappointed in the art style used for Brave. I'd much prefer the heroine to look like the aqua dress/pink cape concept picture. She's adorable and reminds me more of the princesses I loved as a child. But you're right: her gown does resemble Susan's!



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