Monday, February 4, 2013

Once Upon a Time

 Has anyone else been watching the show, Once Upon A time? My husband and I started watching the first season this winter and we got all caught up so now we have to wait week to week to see what's going to happen next! But I must admit, it's fun to have something to look forward to!

There are a lot of fun costumes in this show!
I love Belle's costume, you should check out The Couture Courtesan's replica of this costume, it is so pretty!

I also really like Mary Margret's style when she is in our world. I love her cardigans and button up blouses. She is so sweet.

I don't remember seeing this costume in the show, it might just be from a photo shoot (or maybe I was too busy looking at my knitting when it came on?) but it sure is pretty!

I love Aurora's costume, it's very girly yet looks worn and traveled in.

I also really love Snow's outlaw costume! I love the fur and leather! So cool!

It all makes me want to dig out my costume fabric and make something. It's been awhile! 
Have any of you been making anything lately?
♥ Anna


  1. I've really been enjoying "Once upon a Time" as well! I love the costumes, of course, but besides that this show seems a lot more just-for-fun and enjoyable than most costume dramas.

    1. Yes, I agree! It's a fun twist on the stories and its also fun how creative they can be with the costumes since it's "fairy tale". I like how the story unfolds over's interesting! And the characters are fun!

  2. The costumes look really cool. I love Belle's especially. =]
    Pretty hair too.
    I've not been making costumes for me, but I have been making an 1840's dress for my china doll. =]


    1. I haven't been making any costumes for awhile either....I can't wait to see your china dolls dress!

  3. I love the series and the costumes, I am making myself Belle´s yellow dress at the moment. Here you can see pictures:
    I´ve got only the underpinnings, but there will follow more!



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