Monday, October 27, 2008

The Duchess

I went to see The Duchess with my mom and sister was so beautiful. The filming, the scenery, the soundtrack...but mostly, the costumes! I just loved every one that came on. I kept nudging my mom and saying "Oooh, I love that dress!"

So, I have the perfect fabric and I'm going to start making a dress based on this dress:
I love it. I wish I could find better pictures of it online, it's so gorgeous in the film!

Lots of notes to follow....:)
NOTE: I would not recommend this movie for everyone as it does have some offensive content. It is rated PG-13 for a reason! Check out the review here, if your concerned.


  1. ahhh, i wasn't going to see this at first because of the offensive stuff in it. i'm rather sensitive to domestic stuff. anyway but the more i think of it i know i would love to see those dresses on the big screen, so i think i'm going this week, we'll see. :)

  2. I know what you mean...I'm sensitive to that too. But I sort of gave in because I didn't go see Marie Antoinette in the theater for the same reason and I've always been sad I missed seeing the gowns on the big screen!
    They did an amazing job of showing you every detail of her dresses too, I think because she was such a fashion icon in her day. Was beautiful. But there are quite a few awkward parts. :(



Although I continually talk about movie costumes on this blog, I am not a movie reviewer. Not all the films I discuss are recommended and I do not choose to review weather they are appropriate or not for the simple fact that every person's standards are different. Something that is fine for me may be offensive to some one else and visa versa. If you would like to look into the appropriateness of a title, I recommend I have not seen all the movies I discuss, and am simply interested in the art of clothes in film. I will leave you to decide for yourself if you will watch the movie or not.


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