Friday, November 27, 2009


I think I'm long overdue for a Lord of the Rings marathon. (*hint*hint*Gen-Dais-Aims) I've been obsessivly knitting the past few days and I think it would be so much more cozy if I were watching some hobbits. :) I just found a pattern to knit Pippin's scarf so I might get around to trying that one of these days. Would be a good project to work on during a marathon...yes? :)
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


  1. I love LotR! I'd love to see how your Pippin scarf turns out.

    May I ask what your new header is from? Or is it just a pic of Keira?

  2. yep, same question...
    and btw, cool scarf-project

    i got inspired by your bracelets and started working on my own... can i send you pics? would you post them? i mean, if you like how they turn out...

  3. The header is just a picture of Keira is just from a photo shoot, I think. Not from a movie that I know of.

    Emmeline, of course you can send me pictures, I'd love to see your bracelets!
    Send them to and I will post them in the next few weeks. :)

  4. YES!! IT is LOOONG over due.
    The other day I saw something that reminded me of lotr and BAM! All of a sudden I felt like a HAD to watch it right then! (It usually does that to me- but then, you already knew that.)
    Yes! You should make Pippin's scarf! That would be so lovely! I wish I knew how to knit cause then I could make Pip's scarf. poo. =]

    Love you and miss you!



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