Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Costume Studies

I'm thinking about starting some costume studies on Elizabeth Swann's Wardrobe in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. I would still finish my Robin Hood costume studies but break it up with some girly clothes so I don't get so burnt out on boys all the time. Even though their costumes are fun!
My starting goal is to do one costume study of each per month to give me some time to do research and see how it goes from there.
There's such a variety in Elizabeth's costumes I don't think I'll get bored!
I'm also going to try to organize the costume studies I've already done a bit better so they're all easier to find.
Also, what are some costumes you'd love to see studied? I would like to make a list of costumes you would like to learn more about and every now and then I'll pick one from the list to study.
I look forward to hearing your ideas!


  1. Ooo, that'd be awesome! I love Elizabeth's wardrobe. This would be especially helpful to me as she is the model for a character in my novel, and costume studies help me visualize a character.:)

    Don't stop you RH costume studies, though; I absolutely love them! (being the RH freak that I am.XD)

  2. Oooh!! Exciting! I love her costumes!!
    I can't think of any costumes I'd like to see at the moment... but I'll think about it. =]
    xo Margo

  3. Beautiful! Her wardrobe was wonderful!

    I'd love to see a study of Julia's wardrobe in Brideshead Revisited (2008).

  4. Yes, please! I love the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie (not a big fan of the other two). But all of Elizabeth's costumes are wonderful throughout the trilogy. I can't wait for your costume studies!



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