Monday, August 2, 2010

In the mood....

To do some costuming....

But I have no idea where to start...


  1. What is the picture with the yellow dress from?

  2. Well, if you are in the mood for costuming, I would love to have you come join my Historical Costume Inspiration Festival this fall!

  3. I completely understand that one! I collect so many costume pictures it isn't even funny . . . and I dream os sewing them but can never decide where to start!

  4. I'm with Jane! Where is the yellow dress from? because it is BEAUTIFUL! :)

  5. Haha, yes even just a glance of fine sewing gets me inspired. Is that a picture from the Eragon movies? That is his cousin from the movie. If there is a second I haven't heard about it.

  6. No wonder you can't decide where to start! What lovely inspiration!

    It's such a shame they cut all of Katrina's scenes from the Eragon movie. It looks like she had some gorgeous costuming! The yellow dress is just adorable...

  7. Do the Princess Bride dress. I'd love to see that one. (-:

  8. Nice to have you back on here! :)

    Love you!

  9. Airy fabric and romantic, Victorian-inspired seems to be your desired style, if I can go by the pictures you posted. Which are perfectly lovely.

  10. Okay, so I have an idea for you. You know the picture you posted of the yellow dress? Well u could do something like that only short-ish and add some pirate-y pant legging thingy-s and some cool boots and a hat and u've got a somethin' cool! just an idea!

  11. Another comment about the yellow dress, if you did atempt it how would you do the dainty lacing up the front of it?

    Just wondering....

  12. Hey Sarah,
    The seams on the yellow dress are known as fagoted seams.

    You can find a tutorial for making fagoted seams at the following address:

    Hope that helps. :D



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