Monday, January 10, 2011

Pixie Bell on Etsy

I've just fallen so in love with this shop on Etsy...

Aren't you in love too? Visit them HERE!
Hmm...I need to go finish up the hat I'm knitting now. I hope you all have a grand Monday!
~Anna Kristine


  1. I look bad in hats, but isnt her model adorable.
    I fall in love with many Etsy shops. Its brilliant!

  2. It's a great shop - thanks for the link! I love the kitty cat hat.

  3. Yes! I love this shop! I had this hat on my favorites for a long time but it was in a different color:


  4. How cute! I've been wanting to make a hat, but have yet to find a style I look good in... Still searching on Ravelry, though. :o)

  5. Oh! I love the first picture! It makes me think of tinkerbell and the lost boys! I LOVE the color too! Ah!
    xo Margo



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