Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Elizabeth Swann Camisole Progress

I recently made a check list of all my unfinished projects, which is longer than I like to admit, and it has helped me see what exactly I have already started and need to finish, which leads me to working on projects I forgot about.
I started this replica of the camisole Elizabeth Swann wears under her corset quite a long time ago but I somehow made it too small so I lost motivation to finish it. But I decided to pick it up again despite it not fitting me and I will figure out something to do with it. Besides, it's good practice for making myself a proper fitting one someday.
Here are pictures of the original camisole worn in the film:
Here is my replica, made from what I was told is 100% linen (a friend gave it to me so I'm not sure) and all carefully hand stitched. I also made all the bias tape out of the same fabric the camisole is made out of.
All it needs is some hand sewn eyelets and some lacing and it's done!
It's so satisfying to nearly finish a project that has been sitting around so long! Now to decide which thread to use for the eyelets...


  1. I totally understand about stashed projects! It feels so good to get them done!

    It looks really nice! I thought of your Elizabeth projects recently when I went to see the new Pirates and wondered if the new movie would inspire you to pull it back out. :)

  2. Thanks Kiri! Yes, I just went to see the new Pirates with my dad last Sunday and it did get me inspired to pick up where I left off. I'm almost finished with the eyelets now!

  3. It's looking good! I need to work on some of the projects I have stashed in my closet... maybe a list would be good for me! :o)

  4. Thanks Kelsie!
    Yes the list has definitely helped me! I also have it sorted by hand work projects and machine sewn so if I'm sitting down to watch a movie I can look at the list and pick one. I've already finished quite a few projects that way!



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