Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Royal Wedding: Kathrine Middleton's Wedding Dress

I know I'm late in posting this, most likely all of you have seen millions of pictures of Prince William's bride, but I still had to post about her dress. At first glance of it I wasn't too impressed but after watching 4 hours of The Royal Wedding with my fiancée', I fell in love with this beautiful, graceful design. Perhaps some of it had to do with how graceful the wearer is.
The dress is made with great resemblance to Grace Kelley's wedding dress.
The embroiderers had to wash their hand every 30 minutes to make sure to keep the lace pristine and needles were renewed every 3 hours!

Read more about how the dress was made HERE. So inspiring!


  1. Very pretty! :o) I didn't get to watch the wedding, but I'm sure it was amazing!

  2. Kelsie,
    Yes it was amazing! I was amazed by how perfectly everything was planned out. It was flawless.
    Even my fiancée enjoyed watching it as he's into cars. So it was like a car show for him and a fashion show for me! :)



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