Thursday, March 1, 2012

Elizabeth Swann Costume Studies Part 3 - Underpinnings

The first layer of Elizabeth's underpinnings is her chemise, her appears to be made of a dotted swiss and is gathered up with draw string at the neck, underbust, and waist to keep in place under her corset.

Here are my sketches and pattern layout from my chemise replica. It's pretty basic.

Next layer is this camisole which goes over the chemise but under the corset. Simplicity 5582 works well with a little bit of altering. Simply make the panels and peplum one piece. Her camisole looks like it is trimmed with a very small bit of lace and some kind of stitch, maybe a feather stitch?
Her petticoat seems very simple, probably made of linen. It looks like there are three rows of stitching along the hem. Her panniers are probably made of linen or cotton and it appears they tie on each side of the waist. There are several different patterns out there for panniers, but there is a free tutorial here.
Elizabeth's corset is gorgeous, the cross lacing is very tricky to do, I don't have my corset here with me now, but when I do I will try and do a photo illustration of how to do it.
 I used Butterick 4252 for my corset
The eyelets are metal and the corset is machine sewn, so if you're making a movie replica these things are accurate! For a more historically accurate look (and if you're crazy like me) you can hand sew the eyelets and seams. But your corset most likely wont be seen as it is an undergarment so you can really get away with anything.

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