Monday, December 22, 2008

Narnia Weather

It's been snowing non stop here for several days and has me in a Narnian mood. I'm about to watch The Lion the Witch and the Wardobe for the second time this week, I love that movie ever so much! I think a nice cup of tea with Mr. Tumnus would be enough to keep me going to finish last minute Christmas gifts.
There's just something wonderful about the first snow. Even though it's been snowing for days I still consider this being in the "first snow" because we have yet to have the first snow melt. ;)

I think the snow would be even lovelier if I had a fur coat. :) Or at least fur lined.
I think Father Christmas' costume is sooo amazing in this film. It's like an ancient battle warrior costume, but still merry. I really want to make it one day.
And the White Witch has the most amazing costumes. See, even she buries herself in furs. :)
I love her icycle crown, and everything about this costume:

Alright...I'm off to my sewing. And a cup of Twinings peppermint tea. (The best!) :D Hope your all having a very merry Christmas season!

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