Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Now on DVD

(I must confess I rather like these big wigs. :) I think they're awesome!)
Sorry there has been so much movie posting and so little of my actual projects. I will get back to sewing soon as the Holidays are almost over. I haven't stopped dreaming up projects! I've been doing a lot of costume sketching in my sketchbook, so the ideas are there. :) But you can't see them until later. ;)Well...a note of excitement! The Duchess came out on DVD today! My sister rented it and I've just finished watching it with my family. Not quite as epic as in the theater but I still loved it and could eat up every costume.
Now I REALLY can't wait to start my Dutchess gown! I need to finish a few other projects first though and probably make some panniers. I shall try to be patient.
For now...I shall enjoy the DVD for the few days we have it and try to content myself with sketches and reasearch.
Oh, and in case no one has seen it, I posted pictures of the Crusoe Pirate necklace I made to go with my dad's pirate costume for Christmas at Pemberley Couture. :)
Hope you all are enjoying the Holidays!


  1. The costumes in this movie are so lovely! I was so glad I got to make one of her gowns. I want to do another one before too long! :)

    I gave you an award -

  2. Oh man I want to see that movie!

  3. I heard that 'The Duchess' was a very bad movie with profanity and adult content. Don't you hate it when they put great clothes with a bad movie?

  4. Ooh! Such beautiful costumes in this movie! I love looking at them on costumers guide! And the wigs I absolutely adore! especially the huge ones. =]

  5. sigh, I loved this film. breathtaking costumes and my favorite actress aside, the life story of Gorgiana was so inspiring! The things she put up with and survived through! I cried so hard at the end when she has to give up Eliza. but i'm with you, the big hair is amazing! do you think we could bring it back? hehe :)

  6. Amanda, your gown turned out so lovely! I can't wait to start on my "Duchess" dress. :)

    AnnaMae, wasn't her life inspiring? I found myself amazed by this woman and what she tolerated and gave up. I cried at that part too! I couldn't imagine.
    Keira played it so well. I hope she gets nominated for an Oscar! She's definately on the list of winners this year in my book. ;)



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