Thursday, March 12, 2009

Costume Sketches

Every great costume designer, after researching the era and character their designing for, starts with a sketch.

I love keeping a small idea book full of sketches that I later will end up using in my concept sketches. It's nice to have a small sketch book that can fit in your hand bag but there have been times I scribbled on any old thing just to remember the idea until I got home. :)

Here are a few Costume/Fashion sketches that I love:
Fashion Sketch by Kat Macleod:

Costume Design by Deborah L. Scott for the film 'Titanic':
Fashion Sketch by Laura Laine:
Costume Design by Catherine Martin for the film 'Australia'

Costume Design by Jacqueline Durran for the film 'Atonement':
It's interesting to see different people's styles and mediums. I love trying different techiques.

Some of my favorite Art supplies:
-Pencils: Derwent and Prismacolor
-Watercolors: nothing special, bought at Trago Mills in Falmouth, UK
-Rubber kneaded eraser (these are the best!)
-Pencil Sharpener
-Pencil Case made by Genevieve of Pretty Wit

My stack of sketchbooks:

These are just a few of my sketchboooks. I have so many! But I think that's a good thing? ;)

From top to bottom:

-Spiral bound sketchbook (not sure where it's from, reject of Matt Parker photography I love being at the Parker house when they clean out their closets!)
-Hardbound square Sketchbook by Winsor and Newton (bought in Truro, England)
-Moleskine softcover notebook. (the thin ones that come in a 3-pack)
-Leather Bound Sketchbook from Barnes and Noble
Want to turn your scribbles and ideas into art? Check out this amazing book:

Are you inspired yet? :)


  1. Wow, I am inspired! I don't really like to sketch, but it sure is sounding fun right now while I am bogged down in all these term papers. :)

    I will call you next week about getting together over spring break. I can't wait!

  2. yes, I am inspired! Too bad I have to go to bed now. :(

    Love you! Can't wait to see you.


  3. I am inspired. I'm going to pull out my sketchbook right now. Lately I've been spending more time blogging than sketching. Thanks for getting me back on track!

  4. Inspired... yes
    The drawing part i can do :)
    It's the sewing part!
    I'm hoping i'll get better at it
    I'm only 12 now



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