Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Satisfying Day :)

I've been busy busy sewing all day and feel quite satisfied. :) I've got a few lovely things to put in my Etsy Shop tomorrow, so check back to see what they are! I've taken a little break from historic costumes and I've been making a bit more useful things for today...but still pretty, I think. ;)

I've also got "hooked" on crocheting again. I haven't crocheted much in years, except the fingerless gloves I made this winter, but now we've started crocheting every week with the lady who taught us how and now I can't stop. I'm on my second doily and now I've started this cardigan:
Oh's fun! :)

Here's a sneak peek at one of the things I was up to today....
The best thing to do while sewing all day is to drink lots of tea and listen to Roald Dahl books on CD. I listened to most of James and the Giant Peach today...brilliant. :) He's one of the most clever authors.
Well, I'm off to bed...home all day tomorrow, hopefully I'll get heaps of more sewing done! And more lovely sewing time with friends on Friday! Whoo shall be a fantastical week! :)
(Alright...perhaps I've had a wee bit of too much tea?) ;)


  1. =D I can't wait until Friday!!!

    Your cardigan is lovely, the yarn you chose looks delicious. It will be so pretty!

  2. I love Roals Dahl too - he was my childhood favourite, and I've never really grown out of him.

    p.s I am madly deeply in love with Nicole's outfit in your header - but I would need to lose any fat and any curves to be able to wear it!



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