Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BBC Robin Hood Character Costume Study Season 1 Part 5- Djaq

Djaq Costume Study
Robin Hood Season One
Djaq (who's real name is Saffiya) is a Saracen who Robin and his gang rescue from a slave trader. She disguised herself as a boy so she would be safer and took on the name of her twin brother who died. She's one of my favorite characters and I love how all the boys look out for her. The first girl to be an official member of the gang! :) But don't get me wrong, she can look out for herself! She knows how to fight and her father was a physician so she comes through many times with the right remedy or potion to help the gang out.

Shirt and Vest
Djaq's costume is pretty simple, her shirt is basically a short sleeved t-shirt. It might even be knit.
Her vest has tabs all down the front with frayed edges:
She wears grayish trousers and it looks like a leather belt:

Arm Band
She wears a leather band on her left arm:
She has a tattoo on her right arm:

Grey Cape
I love this cape and I think she looks so cute in it. :)
It's nice and long:
In this picture you can see the cape is made of coarsely woven fabric and the edges are bound in what looks like a blanket stitch. (this picture you also see she wears a leather bracelet on her right wrist)
The back looks as though there is some kind of stitching or lacing down the center:

This hooded cloak looks like it's made of wool or some kind of thick fabric.
Hood connects in the front:
The back almost looks like it might hang down into a point:
I just love this hood:
And that's all I have for Djaq in Season 1. She has a lot more costumes in Season 2...can't wait to study those! Just a couple more characters in Season 1 and then I'll finish off with Robin! I'm saving him for last. :)


  1. Aw! I love Djaq! She's so cool! And I am warming up to her outfit. =]
    Seeing the show from the beginning helped. =] Can't wait to see season 2!

    "Pepper! Ouch!"

  2. YAY!! Djaq is so cooool! I like her a lot! Her cape is very awesome how it laces up the back! (psst! an idea for you-know-what? yeah?! huh?! It's not EXACTLY like were copying... right? I mean who's gonna know? hee hee!) I like her pants and leather wrist and arm bands! *grin*
    ps. won't you do another "study" of Wills costume soon?...with pictures??! heh heh!

  3. I love Djaq too! :) Ever so much. Isn't it weird how once you watch the show her outfit kinda fits? I like it. :)

    Aims-haha...I already did Will with loads of pictures you silly. I'll do him in season 2 pretty soon though, and I still need to send you that interview! It's so lovely. :)
    And yeah...I love her leather wrist and arm bands too. And yeah...the cape idea would be totally awesome for "you know what". HEY...I hadn't even thought about capes! "No capes!" haha ;)



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