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BBC Robin Hood Character Costume Study Season 1 Part 6- Sir Guy of Gisborne

Sir Guy of Gisborne Costume Study
Robin Hood Season One
Sir Guy of Gisborne, played by Richard Armitage, is the Sheriff's right hand man. He's a man who's out to get what he feels he deserves in life. His family's property was lost at some point in time so he finds comfort in building a new Gisborne in Locksley, he's also got his eye on Marian. He's not on the best of terms with Robin. ;)
He takes pride in his family name and is out to make his place in the world, even at the cost of others. This guy doesn't stop at anything.

Leather Duster/Trench Coat
The costume designer said she based Guy's leather coat on a 1980's trench coat. Gives him that 80's rock star look.
I just love trench coats. :)
The texture on the trench coat looks like a woven pattern:
Looks like it is about knee length:

Leather Jacket
This jacket is what Guy lives in for pretty much all of Season 1.
There is leather piping detail on the shoulder and it looks like it spirals on the side as well:

Gisborne is all about his logo being on everything, the clasps down the front are his logo, which as far as I can tell looks like a fox head.

Richard Armitage in an interview on his costume: "At this moment Keith Allen, the Sheriff of Nottingham, is trying to buy my costume. And we're in a little bit of a bidding war as to who's going to get my costume. He wants Gisborne's costume so that he can sell it. But I think I'll try and get it just for myself as a bit of nostalgia. It's weird, because you know, I spent two years putting that costume on: it's part of my process and it helps me become the character. I'd find it very strange to think that it could be in someone else's hands. I think it would be very weird. My blood and sweat is fused into the leather as well!"

Gisborne's gloves also feature his logo which you can see pretty clearly in this picture:

It's hard to tell how long they are...they seem to just blend in with everything else he's wearing that's leather. :)

Gisborne wears lots of belts and things, made of leather of course:
Here you can see his awesome leather hilt:
The one bit of colour he wears is at the neck, can't tell if it's a shirt or a scarf:

Gisborne's leather wedding coat is less detailed then his other coats. It's very straight and plain, with metal clasps down the side:
I love the cut of this:

Looks like a deep burgundy shirt underneath:

And that's is for Guy of Gisborne! I think his costume is so awesome and "bad guy-ish". :) I love all his leather belts and gloves and such.


  1. Yes the dastardly black leather bits are brilliant. He has quite sloped shoulders which give him a softer appearance... wonder if it would have been better for him to have a bit of padding in the shoulders - if that would've given him an even more tough guy get-up?

  2. Hmmm....maybe that's why Guy grows on me...not enough shoulder padding! He doesn't look bad enough. ;) Haha...

  3. I seriously have to find this series, for the costumes alone. I'll probably miss the storyline though because I'll be too busy focussing on the detail of capes and leather gloves!

  4. Mwuhaha!! LOVE Sir Guy! I enjoyed this post very muchly. ;-)

  5. Jenaveve, I know! Sometimes I catch myself doing that and then I'm like, "wait...what just happened?" :)

    The Editrix, Don't you love him? :)I just can't help it even though he is a "bad guy". :) It's Richard Armitage! Besides, I feel kinda bad for him half the time and he's also so funny. :)

  6. I stumbled on your blog by accident and glad I did!
    I love reading all you have to say about the RH costumes.
    Great pics & info. :)

  7. Thanks and I'm glad you stopped by!
    I've enjoyed studying the costumes in this show and look forward to finishing my studies on season 2 and starting on season 3. It's a great show and the costumes are fatastic. :)

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  10. Hi Anna!
    I'm just catching up on Guy, and just found this lovely page. Thanks for all the nice pics and commentary! Armitage is just so wonderful.
    Thanks again!

  11. Thanks for the pictures and the analysis, although quite frankly I don't think we need much of an excuse!



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