Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Maid Marian Wardrobe Part 1

I finally organized my schedule so that I have a day completely dedicated to making stuff for myself, which feels quite strange as I always work on things to sell or give away. So finally, I got to sew something for myself the other day. :) I've been dying for something Maid Marian-ish to wear lately and I've been in love with this shrug she wears in Season 1 of Robin Hood: Hers is super cute with incredible beading and it looks amazing over Medieval era gowns.
This is what I came up with a few weeks ago to incorporate it into modern wear (I hope to make the shirt and trousers soon):
This is my first attempt! I'm a bit proud of myself as I didn't use a pattern. :) Took a bit of tweaking but eventually I got there.

I adore this fabric and the clasp. :)
I might add beading later or make another one with beading on it. I just love that detail on hers. But I also think it's cute just simple as it is.
Now that I've conquered that...there's so many more Maid Marian things I want to try. She's one lucky girl with a pretty awesome wardrobe. :)


  1. Love the shrug - and great work without the pattern, the cut is a perfect fit!

    I'm a fan of the clasp that you used too.

    Curious as to the type of fabric you used?

  2. Adorable! Now I want to make one! :)

  3. Thanks both of you! :)

    Jenaveve, I used some 100% cotton fabric I had from the calico section. I fully lined it with muslin so it's light but sturdy. :)

    Amanda, you should make one! :) I'm hoping to post pictures of my construction notes soon to give an idea of how to make one. Although you could probably figure it out on your own. ;)



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