Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Elizabeth Swann Corset Progress

Alright...I've finally taken pictures of the progress of my corset...I'm almost there!
Here is the first half pinned on my dress form. The front:

Side and back:

For awhile I was joking that I should just tie the one half corset on myself and say it's for a Mad Hatter party. haha But I have prevailed and I'm almost done with the second half!

I finished the boning in the second half yesterday while watching Little Dorrit. Yay! But that sad part is I'm out of binding...so I'll have to wait to finish it until I can get to the fabric store.
I'm so excited to be so close to done!


  1. Wow, it's looking great! It looks like you are really putting effort into it, all more patiently than I would likely do. I'm so impatient! :-P What year is it supposed to represent, btw?

  2. Oh! I just realized you are using the same pattern I am planning on using. How fun! :-D

  3. Your sewing skills blow my mind!

  4. Love it! And I'm jealous you're almost done with yours, I'm only just starting to gather materials for mine.

  5. Wow. That is turning out AMAZING. Be very proud of yourself. :)

  6. Oooh! That is looking really good!

  7. That looks wonderful. Keep up the good work! Was it difficult to bone?

  8. Thank you all for your kind compliments and encouragement. :) I'm excited to be so near completion!
    Elinor Dashwood, I'm not sure of the exact year but it is 18th Century. How fun your using the same pattern! I look forward to seeing how yours turns out. :)

    Jo-snazz, the pattern is Butterick 4254 :)

    Alexandra, the boning wasn't difficult at all really. The only thing which was difficult for me is I sewed all the casings by hand and I found that hard because the fabrics are rather thick. But otherwise it wasn't to hard. :)

  9. What kinds of fabric did you use? I am going to try to make this same pattern *fingers crossed*



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