Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Red Queen: Patterns

My sister has decided (she thinks) that she wants to be the Queen of I am starting research just to see how much it will all cost and such. The closest pattern I've found so far is Simplicity 3782 for the bodice (the gold one):
I think it would be easy to change the sleeves slightly and I'll need to add the collar.

Another close pattern that would be cool is Simplicity 2589:

It needs a bit more adjusting but it's so beautiful. :) These patterns look like they will need correct undergarments so another option if she's not wanting to bother with all that is to use a simple pattern like McCall's 5954:

Definitely not nearly as cool but still could be adjusted to work. :)
I'm excited to get started on this project...but it might not be for a little while. But it's never too early to start researching!
I'm excited to see who Chelsea chooses to be. I'm half tempted to dress up too. :)


  1. If I could sew this would definitely be a Halloween costume option! AHHH! I just finished watching Little Dorrit on YouTube! I saw it a post forever ago on your blog about it and wanted to watch it for a long time and finally got around to it. It was brilliant! Why are Regency love stories always the best???

  2. the dresses look great!
    she will be the most beautiful girl ever!!!

  3. I think either costume would be lovely ;) I can't wait to see how it turns out!

    I was looking at the pics of Alice's dress. What patterns would you suggest for her dress? I couldn't really find something close to her costume.


  4. only half tempted? I'm tempted body and soul! I want so very bad to dress up in wonderland fashion... but alas..what will i wear?? it iis stressful being such a movie diva. hmm? Perhaps i will get out my book and look at all the characters..

  5. Chrissy, I'm glad you enjoyed Little Dorrit! I just finished watching it a second time and fell even more in love with it. Matthew McFadyen was was pretty much all the cast!

    Rachel, I'm working on finding patterns for Alice's dress. When I get them together I'll do a post about it. :)

  6. Did you ever make the Red Queen gown for your sister? I used the Simplicity gown pattern for my daughter for her Queen Katharine of Aragon costume and it worked out beautifully. I didn't love the pattern but it worked. I am dying to see your sister's costume!

  7. I nearly completed my Red Queen costume. It worked quiet well. You can see it soon here:

  8. I´ve done it, here it is:

    It was really fun to make it. :)

  9. Wow, your Red Queen costume turned out AMAZING. :) Thanks so much for sharing! You do such beautiful work!

  10. Thanks! Your costumes are wonderful, too!

    The adresse changed a little bit, it´s :

    Soon there will be more photos, I will do some where I wearing it, with wig and full make up.

  11. Oooh, I can't wait to see more pictures! :)



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