Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Underpinnings :)

I'm so in love with Maria's underpinnings in The Secret of Moonacre. I finally watched this movie on YouTube awhile back because it seems like they aren't going to release it in the US and I got tired of waiting. It was a bit of a disappointment as it strayed quite a lot from the book, which I loved. But it was still worth watching for all the amazing costumes!

I just love all the different fabrics that look quite vintage:
I also love her blue corset. Inspires me to finish my corset...I know I know...I say that a lot. ;)

Anyway...I'm quite obsessed with underpinnings already but I thought these were really awesome and different. :) I think it would be so fun to have an underpinnings tea party one of these days. Underpinnings are just so pretty and it's such a shame they don't get to be seen. Well I hope you all are having a great Summer so far! I'm pretty busy helping some friends get ready for a wedding this week so I wont be sewing or posting much. Have a lovely week!


  1. how lovely!
    I saw the movie 2 months ago
    and i really loved the story and the clothes too

  2. OH I had no idea you could watch it on you tube! So doing that. bummer though, that they strayed from the book at all, it's such a perfect story. But the costumes are indeed drool worthy! and I think your underpinnings tea is a lovely idea. plan it far in advance so I can schedule to be there please. :)

  3. oh i love her ruffley bustle! happiness! :D And yes yes yes to the underpinnings tea! Most definitely!

  4. I just watched the movie on youtube! I liked it. But I haven't read the book. I will need to do that soon. The costumes were simply gorgeous! I loved them. And I also watched sense and sensibility recently and totally thought of this blog! Merrianne's wedding dress is to die for!

  5. I agree with you the costumes are amazing but it was sad that the strayed so far from the book.



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