Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

I've been pouring over photos of this film for months and I realized it's beyond time to do a post about it. First off, I'm excited because it's a Tim Burton film and I love most of his films. Second, Johnny Depp is in it...who I'm also a big fan of. And third, it has amazing costumes designed by the amazing Colleen Atwood (costume designer for A Series of Unfortunate Events, Big Fish, Sweeney Todd, Sleepy Hollow, just to name a few) Oh, and some of it was filmed in Cornwall England which is sort of my second that's pretty cool. :) are a few of my favorite outfits so far...
It seems like Alice (played by Mia Wasikowska) wears lots of bluish tones. I love her dress here with it's delicate puffed sleeves, sheer ruffled neckline and tiny black buttons down the front. My favorite thing is her little striped fingerless gloves. I seriously want some!

I adore this outfit...she's still wearing the fingerless gloves, an amazing rick rack skirt, delicate blouse, fitted waistcoat and tie.

Anne Hatheway is playing The White Queen and I think she looks amazing!

I'm so excited for this to come out! It's set to release March 5, 2010.


  1. haihai
    i can't wait that this movie is going released holland!!!
    verry curious for those kostumes

    greetings marijke

  2. I'm so glad that someone has posted about Alice in Wonderland! I bought the latest issue of Vanity Fair because it has pics of the characters. I was so disappointed....only three photos :(

    I love the pics of Alice and the White Queen!

    Thanks for sharing ^___^

  3. The costumes in this film are lovely and I just adore Anna Hathaway. :) I AM hoping it's not too weird of a movie... I find Johnny Depp's mad hatter a little disturbing. :P

  4. oh joy! I hope it isn't too freaky.. I mean to say...creepy?..hmm. I want to swoon over all the costumes though..*sigh*

  5. This looks so ridiculously amazing. I cant wait to see it!

  6. Not to offend anyone, but I think this book is the biggest waste of your time. And I don't have a much better opinion of the old movie.

  7. Oh I'm in LOVE with Alice's first dress!! WOW!

  8. We just saw the movie yesterday and it was wonderful! My daughter wore her Alice costume as well, though hers was her Halloween costume that I made last year and is more of the traditional style. We loved the movie!

  9. hi all!

    i loved the movie! and the costumes are to die for... speaking of which:

    i'm having my 21st soon & it's going to be a tim burton themed one. i'm wanting to wear the dress that alice wore when she was super-tiny (the one that the mad hatter made for her). does anyone know where i can get instructions or a pattern for it or something similar?

    thank you! :D

  10. such beautiful costumes.
    depp's hatter is fantastic.

  11. I'm enchanted by this movie. I'm dying for a pair of those sweet little gloves! Do you know where I might find them?



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