Friday, July 17, 2009


Sometimes I wish I had a good reason to wear a really pretty dress and go jump in the ocean. Hmmm....maybe I should make myself a pretty dress just in case the opportunity arises. A girl should be prepared for such things you know. ;) Seriously though...I don't own one single dress. How sad is that? I need to get to work on that pronto....
Yesterday I cleaned my bedroom...perhaps today is the day I will finally make some progress in my sewing room. Maybe I should put this picture on my wall to inspire me. :)


  1. those are indeed really nice dresses!!!..i've got just one simpel also time to make one..i always wanted a red one..
    also nice!!!

  2. just found your blog!
    I wish I had such a dress too, to jump in the ocean!!!

    Gr. Anna

  3. it is necessary to jump in the ocean in a pretty dress..that's all there is to it. I do believe we should do it together! oh what fun it will be! oh what happiness..
    "its a principle. we are artists... he's the drummer." hee hee!



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