Sunday, July 26, 2009

Reference photos for Aimee and Chelsea

I know I just did an Alice in Wonderland post but my sister and her friend might have me make them costumes from the movie so I thought I'd do another one for them so they can see all the characters and pick who they want to be. :) So...this is for you Aimee and Chelsea!

Click on the pictures to see them bigger.

Alice wears a couple different dresses. Her dress she falls down the rabbit hole in is really sweet, made of a sheer like fabric:
She wears striped fingerless gloves (my favorite of her accessories so far):

Her hem is embroidered with forest animals and flowers:

At some point she wears this outfit that is a blouse, waistcoat, skirt and tie:

The skirt is rows and rows of rick rack:
Blue coat:The Mad Hatter

In this photo you can see he wears a thimble on his right hand as well as green nail polish, a colorful bow tie, green lace top hat with satin trim and several odd hat pins sticking into it:
The Mad Hatter wears a frock coat, breeches, a cool belt made of thread spools. Plaid gloves, pink handkerchief, and it looks like his left thumb is bandaged up. Also look at those lace cuffs!

The Queen of Hearts "The Red Queen"
The Red Queen wears a Shakespeare looking dress with lots of jewels and pearls decorating the front bodice, a red skirt with heart detail, lots of heart rings, gold lace up boots, and amazing tights which you can purchase HERE.
The White Queen
The white Queen is all in white and silver except for her contrasting dark eyebrows, deep red lips and nails to match. Her costume reminds me of a ballet costume:

Tweedledee and Tweedledum
They wear striped shirts, red suspenders, short breeches and striped socks and it looks like buckle shoes:

So, that's all I have of the characters for now...let me know who you think you want to be. :)
And here's the trailer in case you need more inspiration:

~Anna xxx

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  1. Costumer's Guide has a photo of another of Alice's gowns ( I don't think it's very pretty, but it is one I hadn't seen before.

    Have a great time with your Alice recreations! They look like they will be a lot of fun, no matter which outfit they pick!



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