Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Moon Pics

I can hardly wait for New Moon to come out. :) I ran across these picture on Costumers Guide and just had to share them in case there are any other Twilight fans out there. :)

These two pics are my favorite of Bella and Jacob, I love the one when he's walking behind her. Cool shot. :)

Can't wait to get a better look at Bella's party dress. That green fabric looks divine.

And then of course Alice is always dressed adorably...she and Jasper are so cute. :)

I'm super excited for this to come out. I just finished reading through the book for the second time. I can't wait to see how they do the scenes in Italy in the movie. :)

I found pictures of Dakota Fanning as Jane awhile back which looked awesome...if they were real. It's hard sometimes to sort real out from fan made stuff sometimes so I'm not going to post about it until I'm sure it's what she looks like. :)


  1. I'm soooo excited for this too!

  2. Great pics from the movie (Yay Jacob!) I really cannot wait to see this...



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