Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sewing "To Do" List is my list of already started projects and what needs done to them. I'm hoping making this list will motivate me to finish these things. Then I'm going to try not to get so many projects going at one time!

Sewing Projects: (started)
-What needs done

~Elizabeth Swann Corset

-Binding and Eyelets

~Embroidered Muslin Skirt

-Hem, Wastband, Zipper

~Wool Plaid Coat


~White Medieval Dress

-Everything! One sleeve done.

~Orange Plaid Skirt

-Construction (only cut out)

~Striped Summer Dress

-Skirt, straps, Zipper

~Embroidered Satin Doll Corset

-Lining, Binding, Eyelets

~Elizabeth Swann Camisole

-Finish Embroidery, Eyelets, Peplum

~Lucy Pevensie Doll

-Finish Dress

~Pink Regency Stays


~Green Civil War Dress

-Skirt, Sleeves, Trim

~Maid Marian Gown

-Finish cutting out, Construction, Beading

~Titanic 'Jump Dress' Trim

-Finish :)

So there's my list. Some of these things are nearly done, if I could just finish them up my list would be shortened in no time. :)

There are a couple things on this list I might change into something other than what it was originally supposed to be. But it sure helps to have it all written down. :)
The organization of my life has begun. :)


  1. I accidentally deleted my last comment, so I thought I'd repost it in case you didn't see it:

    I gave you a blogger award!

    Check it out on my blog, at:

  2. Oh wow, you are a little overwhelmed!!! I can't wait for the movies on your sidebar to come out! The young Victoria comes November 15!!

  3. Costume Queen, thanks so much! I feel so honored. :) I will do a post about it shortly. :)

    Bria, according to and The Young Victoria isn't out until December 18. :( It is airing at some film festivals in the US before that though.

  4. Your list is so inspiring! I want to make everything on it as well... I'm intrigued by the coat you're making. Can't wait to see pictures! :D




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