Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Updates :)

I'm afraid I haven't been the most consistent blogger lately. I started a costume study on Taylor Swift's 'Love Story' awhile back and promised the second half the next week. Where has it gone? Well, to be honest...I lost the photos I had saved because they were inside a file inside another file...silly me. But...I'm found them now so you can look forward to that coming soon!

I've been busy organizing my sewing room for the past few...well, months actually. But it's finally wrapping itself up...I'm *nearly* done. I look forward to sharing pictures soon.
Whenever I get tired of organizing I look at this picture for inspiration:
Sadly, my sewing room will look nothing like this and it's waaay smaller. But it still does inspire. :)

Another thing...Robin Hood Season 2 costume studies! I know I've said I'm working on them for the past several months...I really am going to keep at it but I'm not going to promise them too soon. Just because I know how I am. :) But you can look forward to more Merry Men costume discussion one day in *lets hope* the not to far future.

Aaaand...for any of you who are Twilight fans...I have a little series I'm working on for the month of November which is the month of the release of 'New Moon'. I hope you'll enjoy it, even if your not a Twilight fan. I haven't done much study on costumes in modern films as they always seemed pretty ordinary. But I think you'll be surprised at how much thought and detail goes into each piece and how they help to tell the story. And you may be surprised by a few historic costumes that are making their way into this one! Fun stuff! :)
Alright...I'm off to do some sorting and sewing. I'm thinking about posting a list of my sewing projects so I can be more motivated to sew them. Once people know how big a pile I have, I'll be so embarrassed I'll be motivated to finish them right?
Oh, and if any of you haven't already seen it, my friend Genevieve did a photo shoot of my Red Regency Dress a couple weeks ago. Check them out HERE.
RED QUEEN UPDATE: The Queen of Hearts costume for my sister has been postponed as she's decided to be something else for Halloween. I *might* still be making it for her to wear to the movie though.
Alright...I really am off this time. :) Hope you all are having a great week!
~Anna Kristine

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