Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Masterpiece Theater Oliver Twist

I was just reading a post about this version of Oliver Twist and it suddenly hit me that I haven't seen it. I missed it last year which is quite sad because Oliver Twist was my favorite Dickens growing up as a child. I like the look of it by all the pictures I've seen and I really want to get my hands on a copy of the dvd. Our library seems to not have it at the moment. I may have to ask them to order it. :)
Have any of you seen it? And what did you think?


  1. I've seen it. It was an. . . interesting adaptation of Oliver Twist. You'll either like it, or you won't. (I liked it!) It takes quite a few liberties with the plot and characters from the novel, but it's a well-done, exciting miniseries to watch. Definitely worth a look. I think it only goes for 3 hours, too - so it's not a big investment of time, unlike the 1999 Oliver Twist, for instance. . .


  2. While I thought it was very good, my sisters and I agreed that we liked other versions much better. (I prefer the version with Sophia Myles and Kiera Knightly and my sisters prefer the one with Harry Eden...) In fact, this is one of the few recent BBC dramas that hasn't made it's way to my DVD collection. There's nothing exactly wrong with it, but not much *right* either...

    Definitely see it, though, if you can find it. It's worth at least one watch.

  3. Thanks for the imput girls...I definately will check it out! I just wont get my hopes up too high. ;) I really like the look of the costumes I've seen so I will enjoy that at least!
    I need to finish the version with Keira Knightley...I have only seens parts of it. I'm pretty sure our library has that one...hmm...maybe I'll start there. ;)



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