Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Anybody else getting excited?? :)

I can't wait for the new Emma to air on Masterpiece Theater. I've heard rumor it's to air sometime this Fall.
The wonderful Romola Garai plays Emma:
Jonny Lee Miller plays Mr. Knightley:

Michael Gambon plays Mr. Woodhouse: (I adore this man)
Blake Ritson plays Mr Elton. Oh dear, I love this guy too.
And *drum role please* Rupert Evans is to play Mr Frank Churchill. *sigh* I've been dying for this guy to be in another period role since playing Fredrick in North and South. Now I'll most likely fall for him instead of Mr. Knightley. Why do they always pick my favorite actors for Frank Churchill? Oh well...perhaps he'll astound us all and make us reel with hatred. We shall see.
The costumes look so amazing. Now I must go sew something Regency...


  1. oh I know I'm so looking forward to seeing this! I too adore Michael Gambon, and I'm glad you mentioned that Rupert Evans was from North and South, I recognized him but couldn't place him. :)

  2. That pink dress of Emma's is amazing! It nearly took my breath away. Maybe I should make another regency too-it's been over a year...:)

    Thanks for keeping us updated about the best upcoming movies!

  3. Oh! oh! oh! I am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited about this new addition! All of the actors are PERFECT! I love Romola Garai! I love Michael Gambon! Oh they're all so good! :-D

    Looks like scrumptious costumes too! :-D

    How will I ever manage to wait til it airs on PBS??

  4. Ah! So many amazing people! I'm so ridiculously excited!!!!!

  5. Oooh! I'm SO excited about this!!
    I hope they do a lovely job on it!

  6. I am on pins and needles as well! Ever since I got the Jane AUsten Regency World magazine I have been looking for news on it. Not coming until 2010 though!

  7. Michael Gambon, what a wonderful actor! I couldn't stop crying when hed died in "Cranford".

  8. Hello I am new on your site... And I love it!
    I saw the series of Emma you're talking about, and I really enjoyed them! The costumes are beautiful!



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