Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back from the City

Sorry I've been such an absent blogger lately. Life has been so crazy with work, some sewing, and I was gone to the City over the weekend. But, I did get to do some fun shopping while I was there!
My mom and Aunt and I did some insane thrift shopping, we came home with the back of our car packed with stuff. Lots of cool things to make some stuff out of as well as some cute clothes and such.
But the highlight of my shopping trip was that I got to go to Forever 21, which is one of my favorite stores. :) (We, sadly, don't have one in my town)

One of the things on my "Look out for" list was a nice handbag. I'm tired of lugging a ton of small bags to work for lunch, books, etc. So I decided I needed a nice big bag that could contain everything but still be cute.
I hunted all over the Internet and decided this one was my favorite:

But I ended up finding this one at Forever 21 which I might even like a little better. was a lot cheaper!
So, I am now a big bag owner. :)
I also got this adorable sweater at Forever 21:
Did I mention I love that store? :)
Well, I'm off to work for a couple of days, but I am in the process of posting another Robin Hood costume study and hopefully starting some fun costumes!
*sigh*...if only I could spend every moment in my sewing room. So many new little notions and things to sew with!
But I will try to come back to post again soon!
~Anna Kristine


  1. I get the notion that you kind of like Forever 21... love the top and the bag. Nice shopping!

  2. Oh wow! I've been looking for a bag JUST LIKE the one in the picture. Like you, I was tired of lugging around small bags all the time. I've looked all over the internet, but everything I see is overpriced or weird looking. Looks like I'll be taking a trip to Forever 21

  3. I adore Forever 21!!! sadly I dont' get to shop there often but It makes it a fun treat when I do. :) love the stuff you picked up!



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