Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Moon: Jane

I finally ran across some official pictures of Jane, played by Dakota Fanning, in New Moon. I think her cloak is really cool!

It reminds me of a "Coachman's coat" from a Dicken's film or something. And her mary janes are so cute. :)

This is the Jane promo picture that I'm not sure is from the movie or not. It doesn't look like any of the other pictures of Jane but I thought it was cool anyway. :)
I'm not a big fan of Jane (all the Volturi give me the creeps) But her costume is so cool. Probably the closest we've seen of "costume" in these movies so far, besides Victoria's cape.

And one more picture of Bella and Jacob. Because we love Jacob. :)

November...hurry up.

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  1. I worked on a Jane costume for my daughter for Halloween. You can see pictures here

    A simple how to can be found here



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