Sunday, September 13, 2009

Catching up...

I haven't quite accomplished the art of keeping up on blogging while working. But now I've got a few days off so hopefully I can catch up and maybe get some sewing done!

I've been really inspired lately to work on some of my historic and movie inspired costumes. Right now I'm in a total Maid Marian mood. I want to make something inspired by her incredible wardrobe and it would be good timing with Amanda Beth's event coming up next month.

But I'm also really inspired by Pirates right now. I want to make some more Elizabeth Swann costumes.

So who knows what I'll end up doing.

My goal at the to try and complete one costume per month. Huge goal for me th way I've been getting things done lately...but I'm going to try! I'm not sure where I will start though...I'm going to try and start with what I've already got. Which is probably more Regency and some Civil War. Who knows. I'm going to go do some digging in my fabric stash over the next few days and try to come up with some projects. I'm excited to get a sewing schedule organized so I get more done.

But I still might have to start fresh with something Maid Marian...I'm just so in love with her wardrobe....*sigh*


  1. I'm getting bad at blogging too now that I'm busy with school!

    Your goal of one per month seems great. That will be so cool if a year from now you can look back and have 12 new things!


  2. Ah to be able to sew! I'm sure you'll do great at what ever you decide to make.A costume a month seems like a good goal. :) Good luck!

  3. such fun! I look forward to watching your new projects, they all sound super fun. :) I should set goals for my Alice costume I think. It really does help to have a date you need to finish things by.

  4. Well i barely started blogging and its really something im starting to enjoy in different ways.

    What is it that you do exactly besides sewing costumes?

    I absolutely love pirate styles.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement girlies. :)

    Beth, oh my goodness...I do so many things. I sew, crochet, read, write, draw(badly), play the piano (though very ill indeed), umm...I'm sure there's more. I love doing anything creative! I also love being active. :)



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