Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 Project Challenge: March, Share What You've Made!

This month I got a little further on my Maid Marian dress but it's still not complete. I was making a couple gifts which took up most of my time! You can see what I've been making here.
What about all of you? What have you finished up this month? Share a link below! I am always so inspired by what everyone else is making! Thank you to those of you who have participated in the last few months! ♥Anna Kristine


  1. I made so much last month, it's not even funny. My Downton Abbey dress, however, is one of the only ones that made it on my blog. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing Marlene! Your dress turned out AMAZING!

  3. I have been busy sewing up a collection for my new store LuxaRose Apparel...and and 18th century silk Robe a la Francais....and slip covers...and the list goes on!

  4. I was able to finish one little doll quilt with a matching pillow. But the last 2 weeks have been consumed with business sewing. I'm so ready to be done with that!

  5. I finished this toddler dress for a competition. I think it turned out pretty well, now I just need to make the matching diaper cover and headband! :o)



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