Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kitty and Lydia

I simply love Kitty and Lydia's costumes in Joe Wright's Pride and Prejudice. I think they are so beautiful and colorful.
I think my favorite is Kitty's pink dress with the green jacket.
But they are all so pretty...

The bonnets are lovely as well with their soft ribbons...
Here are some pictures of dresses with out the jackets:
I love this one...(It's also re-used in the film Becoming Jane, worn by Jane's sister Cassandra)
I can't wait to make these costumes!


  1. Gah! I am getting hung up on another Regency kick...and this post didn't help any. : ) I actually watched this yesterday for the umpteenth time.

    Even though there is much to complain about the newest P&P's costume liberties (can Lizzy *not* find a hat anywhere??), it has its moments of loveliness. Personally, I love Elizabeth's chocolate brown dress.

  2. Mmm...I'm quite a swooner for the costumes in this film. I love what Jacqueline Durran and Joe Wright did a brilliant job in making a new Austen movie that felt a little more real and right. I love how wrinkled their clothes are and the fact that the different generations dressed differently.
    On the commmentary (yes, I'm one of those crazy people that listen to commentaries!) the director said he didn't want too many bonnets in the film as it was a bit chliche' for Jane Austen films. But I do love the bonnets he did allow in the film. Jane's particularly!
    All of Lizzie's dresses are on my sewing list of the future. I love her brown dress too!
    I'm a bit lenient when it comes to the complete accuracy of the costumes simply because I think when making a film you you have a bit more room to be creative and artsy. Your creating a feeling rather than just stright rules of accuracy.
    Dear me...I could go on all day about the costumes in this film. I love them so much.
    Yay...I'm glad to find another P&P fan! :)

  3. Gosh. For sure I was born in the wrong time period. Why can't we wear this type of clothing all the time???

  4. I agree Chrissy! IT would be so much fun to be able to dress like this any old day! I think that's part of my obsession with historic costuming. I love getting to play with the old fashioned fashion! :)



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