Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sewing Sunday and Corset Progress

I got a whole bunch done on my Elizabeth Swann corset Sunday and finally had the thought to take pictures of the steps of how I'm sewing it for you. :)
I trace all the sewing lines with disappearing ink:
Then I stitch them:
Isn't that exciting? haha
I just had to take a picture of this cute little thread, it looks like doll size yarn or something.
Started putting the binding on!
It's starting to look like a corset, finally!
I'm going to have to take a couple of the boning peices out though I'm afraid. I used random boning, some plastic, some metal and I had this roll of vintage boning which seems to have been curled up too long to ever lay flat. So I think I need to take the vintage boning out. I'm almost out of boning though so I'm going to have to make a trip to the fabric store before I can do to much more. But there's lots of seiwng on the second half I can start on! *sigh* Am I really only half way?
Gen sewing: (She whipped out so many projects while I sat there being a silly HAND SEWING my corset.) Keep checking out their blog for cute things in their shop!
Aimee making something fabulous for their shop: (Will let her suprise you!)
Margaurite sewing: (something to do with tulle and dolls and ballet) ;)
And I just jad to show you Margaurite's darling little sewing machine:
And the ever so faithful Jebbers: (he is such a gentleman while we ignore him as we madly sew)

And that was the mad sewing weekend. :) Today I'm cleaning like crazy so I can start some more sewing soon. My Etsy shop is in great need of new things to wear I think! :)


  1. wow looks like fun! I wish I had friends to come over and sew with me, sigh, none of my close friends are into my sort of things. :( but hey, I'm glad you girlys had a great time and the corset is looking great! that little thing of thread is too cute! :)

  2. How hard is it to make a corset? On a
    scale of 1-10, where is it?? I'm sure it's for the more advanced, I was just wondering HOW advanced. It looks great. :)



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