Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eowyn's Riding Costume

I am in love with this dress. I want to make it right now.

The collar is my favorite part:

I love the buttons down the front:

Look at that emboridered trim:
It didn't get nearly enough screen time and I'm longing for more detailed photos. But I can see enough to know it's gorgeous. Definately on my "To-Make" wish list. :)


  1. The dress is sumptuous! I cannot see the details but could it possibly be a jacket and skirt? There seems to be a line of trim around the hips perhaps following the hem of the jacket?
    Btw, after I saw your blog yesterday, I felt inspired to try and make mine more beautiful. Your photos are stunning and your work is beautiful

  2. Good luck on making such a lovely dress. I think I fell in love with all the ladies' costumes in LOTR! If you intend to make Eowyn's riding costume, please share pictures, especially since it has such beautiful embroidery :)

  3. I loooove this! Eowyn is so beautiful and is such a powerful character. Her clothing is beautiful in a very subtle but regal way.

  4. Oh I ADORE THIS DRESS!! I want you to make it so I can see it! :)

  5. Oh so lovely! You should make it! I like the pic where it looks like she's about to back-hand Aragorn.
    Ha ha!!



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