Friday, February 6, 2009

Farewell to an Epic Show

(apologies to those of you who've already heard me rant about this on my other blog!)

I'm not one who gets hooked on a tv series...pretty much ever. But I couldn't help myself...every week I just had to see what happened on Crusoe. My dad and I even would watch past episodes online if we missed one. Sometimes I'd even watch them a second time. I LOVE this show.
The sad thing is...not everyone else did, it's now been canceled and it didn't even conclude which I find most upsetting. Well, at least we were given it to enjoy for a little while.
Here's the trailer from when it first came out:

Doesn't it look epic? :)

Most of the costumes were far from histroically accurate...but I loved them anyway.

I love Susannah's cloaks:

Olivia has the most beautiful costumes of all I think. (that is, when she's actually dressed like a girl) ;)

Crusoe and Friday's costumes are my favorite though:

I love those billowing pirate sleeves:

Such a beautiful show.

I think Phillip Winchester is brilliant.

I love all the props and gadgets.

And the theme song...I get so excited every time this part of the show comes on...makes me like, "Yeah! Bring on another one!"

I always seem to be sewing pirate shirts when this show was on. haha Which was perfect as it kept me in the mood.

Well, I shall just have to enjoy past episodes online while they are available and try to remind's just a show.

But really, why would they have to cancel the only show I was ever really interested in?

Oh, in case some of you haven't seen it, I made my dad one of his necklaces for Christmas to go with his pirate costume. You can check it out HERE.


  1. That is so SAD!! I love that show!

  2. I agree. I really enjoyed the show. It was fresh and different. I can't believe they canceled it? they could have at least done a final episode :'(. Bummer. They should have given it a better air time to begin with... Saturday morning? and then moving it around. I worried then. The only way I keep up with shows these days is with a dvr. I wish I had kept some of the episodes now ...



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