Sunday, February 8, 2009

What Men Wear

I love men's historic costumes. Growing up I always thought they were the most boring thing...but over the past few years I've come to be so intrigued by men's costumes. They're incredible. Perhaps there aren't as many variations for men's costumes in some eras...but I love that the fabric gets to tell it's story even stronger this way. The quality of fabric might show you how rich or poor a man is...the cleanness or filthiness, just what this man may do for a living. Here are just a few of my favorites over time.

Farimir, 'Lord of the Rings':

This outfit tells me this is a man who travels. The leather jerkin is heavy and will protect from bushes and hold up through rough travels. Makes me think he would travel through woodsy places as he'd camouflage well.

Mr. Darcy, 'Pride and Prejudice':

This costume tells me this is a man who has taste and thinks about what he wears. He's fashionable, but not too showy. Also, in the context of the film, you'll see that the looser fit of his clothes are showing that Mr. Darcy is softening up a bit. Further thoughts on Mr. Darcy's wardrobe HERE and HERE.

Dick Dewy, 'Under the Greenwood Tree'

Dick's clothing shows us he's not a man of wealth, but the hard working sort. Yet he still knows how to polish up for a party!

Inman, 'Cold Mountain':'s one I'm totally guessing on because I haven't seen the film yet. :) But Jude Law's costume tells me he's a farm boy...maybe not the tidiest of fellows. But I think his costume is amazing. (now any of you who have seen this movie can tell me what he's really like!)

Drover, 'Australia':
Drover's wardrobe shows us he's a man who only wears what he needs. He's a hard worker, which show in the wear and dirt on his clothes. But really, isn't that attractive in a man? ;)
Well, there's just a few of my thoughts on the masculine side of costuming. I hope it wasn't too dull. But I just love men's costumes just as much as women's...but I don't seem to get to talk about them as much. One of these days I'm going to make some...then I'll have plenty to say. :)


  1. How can you not just LOVE what the guys wear! So masculine. Love them all!

  2. I love men's costumes too! Maybe its because there is not as much variety and the changes in status/fashion are in the details. So interesting...

  3. Sorry, that last comment was from me, somehow I got logged in as my husband! LOL!

  4. I agree, womens are still my favorites due to their beauty and variety but men's are just as intriguing. I think some of my favorites right now are from "amazing grace", really fun to see their wigs etc... and I love Tom Hollander's clothes in Pirates.

  5. Men's fashion is, at times, much more intriguing to me than women's fashion. For a modern day favorite men's ensemble site, I visit full of Saville row-esque inspirations.
    Plus, you know it's so rare we see well dressed men these days! :)
    xoxo KB

  6. Love your blog. But not every man looks like Jude Law. Not every man wants to look like a bit part actor in Robin Hood: Men in Tights. I have redesigned the old wartime jerkin and these are very popular. Please have a look at the imaginatively named and let me know what you think.

  7. Oh, what a great post! I used to be very disparaging towards men's costumes too but I've changed my mind recently. : ) This is partly because I find elements of gentlemen's dress, like cravats and waistcoats, to fit well with more ladylike pieces.

  8. Wow, I thought when I was writing this post that no one else would agree with me about how amazing men's costumes are! I was wrong! :)

    AnnaMae, oh...I LOVE the costumes in Amazing Grace! And Tom Hollander's in pirates. (I just love Tom Hollander to bits anyway though...he's so stinkin' hilarious)

    KinaBolina, that site is so cool! Thanks for posting the link!

    Ditch D. Weller, your jerkins are amazing! Thanks for sharing. So cool. :)

    Caroline...oh...I just LOVE cravats and waistcoats. ;) and so true that a man well dressed compliments a lady. :) (though I kinda like guys in jeans, hoodies, and all stars as well. Shhh! Don't tell! ;)

  9. Amazing blog!Thanks!It was really great to read and watch it!



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