Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Robin Hood Photos

Here are some more photos from the upcoming Robin Hood movie. I think the costumes look amazing! I love this dress Maid Marian is wearing, it looks like a skirt either over a dress or shirt and a corset on top. I think it's so pretty! I can't wait to see more close up photos of it.

I love these costumes...they look very Sherwood, I think.
And I've always had a thing for flags so I just loved all of these:
What do you all think so far? I'm looking forward to seeing Matthew MacFadyen as the Sheriff of Nottingham. I haven't found any good pictures yet but once I do I'll share. :)


  1. Thanks to your blog and my new netflix addiction, I have discovered the BBC Robin Hood series and am loving every minute of it! Can't wait for this new movie to come out too

  2. I'm glad your enjoying it! It's a very addicting series, isn't it? :)I hope the new movie is good too!

  3. Ha ha! I forgot Matthew McFadyen is playing the sheriff!

    I love the colors on these costumes! The tones and feeling of them. =]
    Can't wait for MORE!! =]

  4. I'm so excited about this movie! I love Russell Crowe in Master and Commander. I'm so excited to see the new pics!

  5. I was wondering if you had any comments about the shirt Robin (Russel) is wearing underneath his leather "overcoat" thing. It's in the scene where he and maid marian are walking around the town and you can see it a lot better in the scene where he rescues the goat from the pond. I want to make that shirt. I think it looks awesome.

  6. Hello Rick,
    I haven't done too close of a study on Robin's clothing yet (I've only seen the movie once) But one of these days I hope to get a closer look and maybe do some studies on the costumes, they sure are amazing!



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