Monday, February 1, 2010


I get so easily overwhelmed by stuff that is not being used. Therefore scraps have always been a great burden on my mind as they continue to pile up more and more after every sewing project. There are so many pieces left over that are big enough to be used for something but the truth is...I never make anything out of them. They just sit there in their box, which is usually overflowing, and taunt me and I'm left simply feeling guilty.
Thus, a few weeks ago I decided to just cut them all up (saving a select few that I adored for other projects) and I am making a scrap quilt. It really is such a relief to see them all neatly piled in little 3" squares.

I was inspired by THIS POST to simply do squares and sew them together randomly. Saves a lot of headaches quilting could otherwise cause. Someday I may make a more detailed patterned quilt...but for now I just need to narrow down the scrap pile quickly.
And sometimes my daddy brings me home maple bars...which are a necessity when decluttering or quilting...or doing anything really. :)
I will keep you posted as to the progress of my quilting challenge. Hopefully I can get them all cut up before I move....but I'm not going to push myself. We shall see....


  1. Your scraps look so lovely and inviting! :)

    How dare you post that picture of the doughnut. You are mean.

    ;) Love you anyway!

  2. That's a great idea. I can't stand to toss fabric unless it's really tiny. In a batch of fabric I got off Craigslist, I found a pile of silk swatches each about 1.5 inches square. I've used a few for tiny pieces of embroidery but I'm convinced there is a use out there for them - I just haven't found it yet!



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