Monday, February 8, 2010

BBC Characters Costume Study Season 2 Part 2 - Much

Much Costume Study
Robin Hood Season 2

Much's costume in Season 2 hasn't changed a ton from Season 1 except that he's traded in his crocheted jumper for Robin's waistcoat and he has a much simpler scarf. I love this look of Much's. And I think it's cute that he wears Robin's hand-me-downs. :)

Shirt and Waistcoat:

Much's shirt looks different from the one he wears in Season 1. It looks like a henley style shirt made of linen or something. The waistcoat is the same on Robin wore in season 1. It looks like it's made out of some sort of tapestry fabric and it laces up at the sides. There is brownish trim around the arm holes and neckline.

Hat and Scarf

Much still wears the same hat which looks as though it's a piece of knit fabric sewn in a tube with a criss cross seam on the top. He now only wears one scarf which he might have had from season 1.


Much's cape appears to be the same as he wore in Season 1 only now it has a hood. It might be a different cape with the same buckle from his cape/satchel.


His coat is the same, made of what could be leather or oilcloth. Silver studs around the shoulder seams and edges.

War paint, leaves, and netting work great if you want to hide in the forest...

And that's it for Much in Season 2! Hopefully I didn't miss anything. There isn't a lot to say as most of what he's wearing is the same as Season 1. But it's fun to see his subtle changes. If you would like to see the images larger just click on them. I thought it would be nicer to upload the pictures small so it doesn't take so long to see everything. I might fix the older costume studies by reloading the photos smaller one of these days when I have time.

Hope you all have a splendid week!


  1. I just finished watching season two, and it was so good. The ending was awful though! I don't think I'll every look at Mr. Thornton the same way, and that makes me sad.

    Thanks for doing these costume studies. I'm going to try to make Robin Hood's green hoodie for a friend of mine whose obsessed with the show. It will be fun to try!

    1. Thank you for saying how horrible the ending of season 2 was! I was so shocked at how terrible it was I had a violent near-panic attack and was crying for shaky for a long time.
      (Spoiler Warning) I was so furious at how much they made us love the characters and chemistry, and then they destroyed it all!!!

      Trying to find hope and joy in season 3, but I'm still distraught. I usually don't get so attached to characters and relationships, but it just goes to show how well done this show is!

  2. Isn't the ending horrid? I try to pretend the last few minutes of that episode didn't happen...
    Oooh...I can't wait to see the hoodie you make for your friend! I love the costumes in these shows. :)

  3. Am loving your character studies! Haven't seen season two yet, but season one has me hooked. Such clever costuming, like Much wearing Robin's hand-me-downs, as you said, and Marian only having a limited number of dresses. Far more realistic for the period and setting than having a different gown every day.

  4. Oh Much! He's the bomb!

    "That is!.... I mean..."

  5. AHH! Much.. :) *grin*
    Much: "you--jigger off!!"
    Allan: "wha's 'at mean? ...Jigger?"
    haha!! this is wonderful!
    I can't wait for...*ahem*.. You Know Who..*sigh* ;D *cheesy cheese*

  6. "This is a medicine chest!"




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