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BBC Robin Hood Characters Costume Study Part 2- Much

Much Costume Study
Robin Hood season One

Much is the faithful companion of Robin Hood. He's traveled to the Holy Land and fought in the war for King Richard and now returned back to England with Robin. He's a rather sentimental sort of person and I think we can see this in his costume. He has lots of bits and pieces that he's collected over the journey. Everything is a bit frayed and ragged. He's accumulated each layer across Europe and into Palestine so he's got a very random look about him. He reminds me of a little pirate or something. :)

Much's shirt is a simple pullover shirt:

The neckline here reminds me of a t-shirt:

Here you can barely see the slit at the edge of the sleeve that laces up with string:

Much most likely picked this up during his travels, it reminds me rather of something from the 70's. :)
Most likely made of some sort of wool and dyed in many colors:

I'm not certain of the fabric this is made of, it could be leather or else a heavy canvas.
There are silver studs along the edges and around the arm seam:

Hooded Cloak/Cape:

All of Robin's men seem to have hooded capes. They come in quite handy when you don't want to be recognized. Much's cape is made of rough fabric. Could be hemp or linen.
Looks here like there's an extra piece that comes down from the hood almost like a collar:

Seams are sewn inside out it appear, gives it a nice frayed look:

Locksley Pendant/Tag
Of course he has the official tag worn by all the gang with the Locksley symbol on it. (you can see this symbol on the mantle at Locksley)

Wrist band:
I wish I could find a better picture of this. Much wears this beaded wrist band/bracelet, you can sort of see it in this picture:

Scarfs and Hat:

Much is hardly ever seen with out his little knit beanie which is sewn in a tube with two seams forming an X across the top. He also wears a lot of different scarfs, sometimes more than one. :)
He has his really cool green one:
Then a light tan one and a brown one that are usually twisted together and here they're worn over the green one:

Some one who commented earlier mentioned that the designer modeled their neck wear after cravats, with a lower class twist. Brilliant. :)

Much carries a leather satchel which comes in quite handy for storing all those things you need while your on the run:
Much wears this sling many ways, sometimes he wears it like a cape, like in this picture:
Other times he wears it over one arm and under the other like a bag so he can carry stuff in it:
It fastens in the front with this awesome metal medallion (looks like there's some bits of leather there as well):

Much's shield is decorated in what makes me think of a Celtic pattern:

That's all I have for Much at the moment. I can't find pictures of his "Lord Much" costume, but when I do, I'll add those! :)


  1. ok. I know I haven't seen it yet but...
    He's my favorite. That's all there is to it. =]
    This is a guy with an eye for anything cool. well, what he would call cool anyway. I think he likes to wear what he wears because HE likes it. I dig that. =]
    I guess cause that's what I like to do.
    And you're right, he does look like a pirate. =] a funny one.

  2. Wow! All of these pictures are making me want to watch it!!

  3. Margie- Haha, yeah...he totally is. He's so funny too. We need to get together and watch them!!!

    Leah- They make me want to watch them too! I have the first season from the library right now and I've already watched it twice in one week. haha I've gotten a lot of sewing done! :)

  4. Thanks so much for the Robin Hood costume studies! It helped me figure out how to create two cloaks- one for my brother, and one for myself. :)



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