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BBC Robin Hood Characters Costume Study Part 1- Alan-a-Dale

Alan-a-Dale Costume Study
Robin Hood Season One
I've decided to feed my obsession of the costumes in the BBC Robin Hood and so I'm going to slowly work my way through the costumes and study as many of them as I can until I get tired of it. :) I'll mostly be studying the guys costumes as Amanda Beth has already done an amazing job on Maid Marian's Wardrobe. But don't worry, I'll post some girly things in-between!
I thought I'd start with Alan-a-Dale (played by Joe Armstrong) as he's the first person you see in the series and happens to be one of my favorites. (slippery, though he is) Okay...I'll be honest...they're all my favorite. I honestly can't pick a favorite. But his costume is pretty awesome. :)
Alan is a poacher, when we first meet him, thus his clothes are very tight fitting so he can slip in and out of trees with out anything catching and the colors camouflage in with his surroundings.
Alan wears the same outfit throughout the entire series, except for a disguise or two.

Alan's shirt is a basic pullover peasant shirt, I'm not certain of the some pictures it almost looks like it could be a knit. But sometimes it doesn't seem like knit who knows?

But the cool part is the sleeves, there is a strip of fabric that attatches at the shoulder and is wound around the arm. You'll see later on that most of Robin's shirts are like this.

It looks like the edge of the sleeve is unhemmed:
Here you can see the edge of the fabric strip which appears to just be the same fabric as the sleeve torn in a strip:


The jerkin is worn over the peasant shirt and looks as thought it's made of canvas or some other kind of durable fabric.

Buckles down the front:

Almost drop shoulder:

The back is plain and pretty stright:

Hooded Cape/Cloak

Alan's cape appears to be made of the same, or similar fabric as his jerkin. Fastens with a strip of leather and a metal buckle.

The hood is nice and full:

He's really not into hemming, I like the frayed edges:

Not quite full length but nice and long:Waterproof? Looks like it might be treated with some kind of oil to keep the rain off.

Guard Disguise
"Look, I'm not being funny, but..."
These helmets are genius! :)


Most important accessory for any of Robin's men, the tag to show who your with. Worn around the neck with what could be hemp or jute cord.

Alan wears a pale green scarf made of roughly woven fabric:

Leather belt holds his sword and his sheath looks as though it's made of a few leather belts woven together. He often uses a bow but doesn't seem to carry arrows on his back like Robin. Maybe only the leaders are allowed to carry quivers? ;)

Out of all the trinkets he could have chosen from Lucky George's stash, he grabs up the pearls: :D haha

Well, that's it for Alan. I hope I didn't miss any bits, but I think his costume basically stays the same through Season One. Season Two we'll get to see a whole new look!


  1. Ooh! I am so excited that you are doing this! I pretty much ignored the guys costumes while watching the show, besides realizing that they were totally cool. ;) I had a lot of fun reading this - keep up the awesome work! :)

    Once I finish season 2 on my blog I'm going to make a post of some further resources I've found online - I'll definitely include your costume studies! :)

  2. Amanda, thanks! I feel like a bit of a copy cat as you've just been doing Maid Marian's wardobe. ;) But I'm just in love with every detail of this show. It's so brilliant.
    I thought it would be fun to do some guy costume studies, it would be a good stretch for me. I tend to only think about girls costumes as well (unless we're watching Pirates!) but lately I've been really into making guy's costumes. They're so much cooler than I ever thought. :)
    I can't wait until your next Maid Marian post! Although I'm sort of sad because your almost done. :( Maybe there will be awesome girl costumes in season 3? *hope*hope* :)

  3. Well, I'm obsessed with the guy's stuff. I'm really interested in the neckwear, especially after the designer noted that she modeled them after cravats, with a lower class twist. I think the details like the sleeves and styling are brilliant too. I can't wait to see what else you come up with for the guys!

  4. Mom's Club: Wow, that's interesting! As I've been studying the guy's costumes I was thinking their scarfs reminded me a lot of cravats! Brilliant. :)
    I love all the detail and thought put into each piece. I want to make them really bad.

  5. Very nice Anna!
    I like the pearls the best. =]
    And I really can't take him seriously in that helmet. Ha ha!!

  6. Margie, aren't those pearls awesome? Well, I don't think you can take this one seriously...ever. haha But I think he's so awesome anyway. :)

  7. Fabulous! Am linking this to my blog, if that is ok with you?

  8. of my favorite shows ever <3
    Great job !



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